brick wall wallpaper on glass windows, Wewerka Pavillon, Münster, 2009. 

wewerka pavillon, i never do happy endings, wallpaper

Wewerka Pavillon was designed by Stefan Wewerka and built in 1987 for documenta 8 in Kassel. It was placed in Münster in 1989. The Pavillon is an exhibition space. It has clear glass windows all around, so you can put your art inside and people can view it from the outside. 

By putting brick wall patterned wallpaper on the glass windows people were blocked from looking inside. It also gave the exhibition space a more Münsteran look (since brick wall is used a lot for building houses in and around Münster).


cardboard, sticky tape, television, dvd player, pictures 

+10/2007, columbus art foundation, Ravensburg, 2007

Umzugskarton | +10/2007

There is one of my videos playing on a tv screen inside of the box on the right. 

You can watch it by looking through a hole in the other box.


partially cleaned roof of a bus stop | in the context of the exhibition L’art pour Laer, Laer, 2003

Bushaltestelle | teilweise geputztes Dach einer Bushaltestelle | Laer, 2003